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Why Everything You Know About Keema Matar Recipe Is A Lie

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Keema Matar, curried minced meat, is India’s solution to the West’s savoury mince.

Red Tractor, the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, has launched the Keemasutra within an try to show families how versatile Keema can be. The cookbook may be found online and contains plenty of ideas concerning how to use Keema, created by the Keema Nans who have decades and decades of experience between them. Sample more sources on recipe blog here.

Originally from Punjab, Kheema used to be made with goat, then mutton. These days anything goes, i.e. lamb, beef, chicken as well as turkey. My local shop didn’t have lamb mince available so I chose minced beef with only 5% fat to make it healthier.

With three packs of meat bought on special offer, it was the perfect excuse to do bulk cooking. Eight portions of Qeema are waiting in the freezer, ready for when emergency strikes or when not being bothered sufficient to cook. I don’t know what to call the concoction I came up with. It’s a toasted tortilla topped with Keema and a fried egg, my perception of the perfect all day brunch. Remove the tortilla and you have a high protein, gluten free meal. To learn more about keema matar recipe check out this web page. The mince mixture would also do good in a baked jacket potato. See? Its uses are endless!