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Three Questions On Jewelry

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Hip Hop jewelry by definition has ever been about the large and bold look. The substantial curb link and rope chains with equally enormous, iced out cross, skull, and other forms of pendants sealed the look for this type of jewelry. The connection with rap stars like 50 cent and Nelly is evident and this has filtered over to sports celebs and actors as well. This has resulted in a steady growth of this type of jewelry style to comprise the youth pop culture also. Of course the bigger than life use of metals and diamonds means that real hip hop jewelry (jewelry using only real precious metals and gemstones) is generally priced out of this world. So do I think that our poor market and record gold spot prices spells the demise of the style of jewelry? In a word, no, most certainly not. There is an assortment of reasons for this.

The market for hip hop jewelry is approximately split into two types of buyer segments. One is for the “haves” who’ve no issues shelling out $5000 to $50,000 plus on any specified day for a gold or platinum jewelry piece whether encrusted with a little bit of “bling” or totally iced out with the finest level of diamonds. The other market is the imitation jewelry market that uses silver, steel, or some base metal set using a diamond simulant like cubic zirconia, or really low quality diamonds. Additional information about custom gold grillz website can be located here. These pieces can range from under a couple hundred to a couple thousand depending on the quality of diamonds or simulant, whether the metal is silver, steel, palladium or some other base metal, and above all, whether the bit is created by a designer, is mass produced, or is custom made for the buyer.

With these two different types of rap jewelry buyers you can realize that the “haves” can continue buying real jewelry in almost any market even if the cost of the jewelry doubles which in effect is what’s happened lately. The spot price of gold three years ago was around the $600 per ounce area and now it is touching $1000 per oz. Rap jewelry enthusiasts who are constrained by budget will choose base metals and gemstone simulants in their jewelry. The purchase price range for this type of jewelry will remain affordable and can be mass produced in Asia at low cost.

So this begs the question. What about the mid market for such jewelry in the variety of $600 to $2500 retail? Shouldn’t this be the largest, most significant price point range for real rap jewelry? We must remember that real hip hop pendants, rings, watches and the like are by definition large and bold (read heavy) and whether in gold or platinum these bits won’t be considered “Hip Hop” unless they are weighing at least 50 grams with at least 2 carats or more of diamonds or gemstones.

The foundation material cost of a mass produced piece that fits these standards is definitely going to be in the area of $2000 to $3000 at present market prices. When you add in the production and promotion costs and the jewelers’ gain you’re taking a look at a starting retail price point of at least $6000 for a fundamental piece of this kind of jewelry. We suggest you find out more about custom gold grillz website on this page. So in effect there is no mid market . A consumer either has $6000 or more in their pocket for a real piece of hip hop jewelry or he/she does not. Unfortunately, Jacob the jeweler and other purveyors of this type of jewelry don’t offer payment plans or anything of the kind that will allow you to fasten that jewelry piece like you did your BMW X5.

Even with no mid marketplace, real rap jewelry is doing fairly well and will keep doing so unless the culture itself starts to lose its appeal together with the general public and more notably the youth culture. Genuine hip hop jewelry certainly will have lost customers. Rap enthusiasts who could previously afford iced out precious metal pendants, rings and earrings when gold was $600 per troy ounce and when the national economy had no important challenges most surely will think twice and three times before shelling out $6000 for a fundamental jewelry piece. Nonetheless, the contraction of the central market has been counterbalanced by the appetite of the more well-off jewelry buyers who continue to invest in added pieces for their hip hop jewelry wardrobe.