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Four Useful Tips Associated With Futons

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Nothing embodies the ideals and fashion of the average American college student like futon beds. These simple and practical beds/sofas are the regular furniture found in bachelor pads, dorms and frat houses across the country. Why? That is straightforward: they’re so useful! Most college students cannot afford both a bed and a sofa, but futon beds are the amazing love child of the two. If my modest apartment while I was in college is any indication, then the average futon mattress is stained and fairly odorous; thus most are covered in a fashionable and colorful blanket, most probably sewn by an aged grandma or aunt. Apart from the apparent masking, this simple option can beautify the college boy’s apartment with little to no price.

This brings me to the most important quality of those beds: the cost. Most college students have a limited budget in which to spend on furniture (and a sizeable portion of those funds aren’t spent on furniture whatsoever!). Futon sofa beds are a rational alternative if your apartment/dorm is small with limited space for both a bed and a sofa. On average, they cost about sixty dollars for the mattresses, and another hundred for the frame. If that is too much for you, I suggest scouring the local bulletin boards for secondhand futon beds for sale.

They are also indicative of a specific lifestyle. The typical underachieving video game playing sloth on the planet must own a futon sofa bed; in fact I consider it is actually mandatory to be considered in this category, and for good reason. Futon beds are typically fashionably accompanied by a milk-crate or a wagon wheel coffee table (purchased at a local yard sale no doubt!), posters fastened to the walls by Scotch tape, and the ever fashionable sink full of dirty dishes. If you are looking to discover more about convertible futon, go to this website. The decor is just incomplete without them.

Ranging from your standard futon sofa bed to the up scale, ritzy futon loft bed, they come in a vast assortment of trends. There are even futon bunk beds if you and your roommate share a bachelor apartment. Whatever you’re seeking, chances are you will find something which works for you.

If you see yourself as a self-respecting recognized slacker and you don’t have a futon sofa bed, you better reconsider your station in life. Futon beds are quintessential elements of moving out on your own and creating your own individuality.